School Readiness Programs

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School Readiness Programs

Preparing your child for the transition to school

School readiness programs help children develop the necessary skills to succeed in school. These programs focus on key learning areas such as literacy, numeracy, and self-help skills. By developing these skills, children can improve their short and long-term success at school.


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Academic foundation in literacy and numeracy
Social and emotional growth
Critical thinking skills
Independence and routine
Communicaiton skills
Play based learning
Parent engagement

Tutoring session options

At Capital Tutoring Services, we offer a diverse range of tutoring options to cater to every student's unique needs and learning preferences. Whether your child thrives in one-on-one settings, prefers the benefits of semi-private tutoring with a partner, or enjoys the dynamic interaction of small group sessions with up to four students, our expert tutors are here to help your child achieve their academic goals. With our flexible approach, you can find the perfect learning environment that suits your child’s individual learning style and ensures their success.

One on one tutoring

This is a private session where your child works one on one with our fully qualified teacher across a range of curriculum subjects. The lessons will be tailored specifically for your child's needs and focus on individual learning goals.

Semi-private tutoring sessions

We also offer semi-private tutoring programs for two students where your child shares the learning experience with another child who has similar learning goals. Semi-private tutoring with just two students still offers personalised attention, tailored learning, and effective collaboration, ensuring accelerated progress and academic success.

Small group tutoring

Small group tutoring can cater for up to four students per group who have similar learning goals. Small group tutoring fosters a supportive, interactive learning environment that promotes active engagement, peer learning, and individualised guidance for academic goals.


Transition to school is challenging!

Our experts will support your child to get ready for big school.


Our success story!

Capital Tutoring Services have been providing tutoring services to my daughter Lily for the past 8 weeks, Lily is 7 years old and in year 1 at school. Before engaging Capital Tutoring Services we tried reading with Lily each night and going through sight words but we just couldn't seem to help Lily get on top of it all. We started noticing that she was falling behind her class in both reading and writing and losing her confidence. We enagaged Capital Turoring Services and have noticed a huge improvement in both in Lily's reading and writing skills, she has now gained back her confidence and happily reads with us each night. Every week she looks forward to her tutoring sessions and we are loving the progress. If you are looking for a local tutoring service for primary school aged children, I would highly recommend Kathryn and the team at Capital Tutoring Services.

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Thomas Boyd

I would like to say a massive thank you to Kath for her work with our daughter on her spelling. We saw an immediate improvement! Kath is engaging, kind and passionate. She established an immediate rapport with our daughter. Our daughter always looks forward to Saturday mornings with Kath! Thank you Kath and Capital Tutoring Services for all of your support with our daughter's learning journey.


I am so grateful with all your help and encouragement for Ashley. As the term passes by she gets more improvement in her class and thats with your guidance. I can see she is more enthusiastic to learn as well! I guess she is ok and fine now as she was able to catch up with the class. I thank you so much for your time and effort, although I was not always there when you have lessons with her it makes a huge difference with her learning. All the best to you , you are full of kindness and patience 😊


Kath has been tutoring my son to assist with a transition to a new school and has been a welcomed addition to his learning. She is a calming and patient educator and my son looks forwards to her lessons. Highly recommended!


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Support your child through their primary years of learning.


Unlock their potential!

By participating in a school readiness program, your child can gain confidence and build a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

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